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Yardage Question

Oct. 15th, 2006 | 08:56 am

Ok I want to make a shawl. This is not blindingly exciting I know. I found the yarn I want to make it in and even though the pattern calls for lace weight I have already given my heart to a delicious little sock yarn. Now I know the shawl will be bigger. I can embrace that fact and get behind it, what I need to know is how much more yardage I would need. The lace weight takes 650 yeards, so how much sock yarn would I need?

Sweater Designing is a Slippery Slope

Aug. 2nd, 2006 | 08:36 am

Hey everyone! Hope your not all melting out there!!

I am desgning myself a sweater for fall. I am toying with a few different concepts (which probably means I will have more than one sweater going at a time) and I am running into a a problem, I can't figure out how to make some really wide bell sleeves. Does anyone have a link to a pattern with them that I could look at?

Thanks all!


Jun. 24th, 2006 | 10:04 am

I am too scattered with everything going on to really do much than a smattering of random thoughts.

* reason 5 i hate crochet, it's really easy to lose the hook
* people who realize they have rung your bell and they have the wrong house are funny, unless your in your shlubbys then they pretty much just get what they deserve
* no one has taken my picture since I got my photo ID. No idea before that.
* I am addicted to the word squee, and ya'll and shlubby seems to be working it's way in now.
* my 7 dwarf name is Busty
* if at 11 am on a Sunday you meet someone on your way into a video store and flirt with them a little, disappearing into the adult section is pretty much a bad idea if you want thier phone number
* i need someone to justify $16 rosewood knitting needles, quickly
* up until i learned how to knit I thought there was no such thing as a swoon, it was a word made up by some guys with inflated egos that wore cologne made of phermedahide that made women pass out, they made3 the word swoon up to make them feel sexier. no i have to admit 50% off anything, including ucky acrylic nasty colours nubbly yarn, will make me a little weak in the knees
* i lie to my isp tech guys. I do download porn however it's pretty much the knitting variety.


May. 30th, 2006 | 11:47 am

Finished Objects to Share!! I need more time off more often. I finished 2 whole objects (it's soon to be come 1 object and a pair of socks. Very Exciting.

First the camoflauge cami. Camo prints are everywhere this season aren't they? I knew I wanted a tank top in the print so it was a simple process to find a yarn, hello Bernat Comflauge print, in Outback. Finding a tank pattern well that wasn't so simple. Everything was way to dressy with this v-neck thick stap thing. Not exactly what would work with this yarn. Lace, with my weakness for yarn overs I almost caved but again meh, not so much with the yarn. I knit this from a Pattern in Knit.1 Summer'06. I totally "Heart" Knit.1. The tank is made from the art deco pattern with the big bow. Learned a lot about weaving in ends on this project. I wouldn't be embarassed to have anyone turn this inside out.

There was some odd things I noticed with this. The pattern calls for a guage of 17sts per 4 inches on 5mm needles with Lion Cashmere. What I got for guage was 14 sts on 5.5mm needles. I cast on for the small, or 32" bust. I have a 39" bust in my favorite bra. I was hoping it would come out small as I was going to add ribbing in brown inbetween the side seams but hey it fit. Also please note you really do need someone else to take your measurements I ended up measureing myself anywhere from a 39" to a 45" due to tape slipage in the back.

The second is the Da Vinci sock. It was from a pattern I will not list because I screwed the pattern up so bad in my head that it actually has nothing to do with the pattern at all anymore. It's an altered Rib pattern and Knee sock Length. (the caps lock and I are fighting again, grr.) It totally stubifies my toes. I tried graphing the toes with some help from a book. not so much. Next time I hope the internet will be avilable, kniting help may make my toes look less stubby

Oh the second sock? That was the first sock I ever did before Christmas last year. It's kinda wratched. I don't think I could make as many mistakes to make the second sock come close to matching, which is a good thing right?
Things I learned From My first sock.
1) They measure the sock width slightly stretched so if I want it to stay up, I'm a small.
2) I can't obsess about where each colour begins on the sock unless I want a very lumpy sock.
3) I totally am addicted to anything with yarnovers but they make the sock even more lose.
If you want the socks to match cast them on at the same time. Also this helps avoid second sock syndrome. Plus if you buy balls of wool that can make 2 socks you just have to buy more wool. I'm here to help you enhance the stash people.

Oh and for those of you wondering if I made it with the yarn left over...
call me "squeeker"

UFOS (or What the Hellions is Wrong with me)

May. 26th, 2006 | 11:49 pm
mood: guilty guilty

I have completed the sock. If i have to pck up the camera again and fuddle with it one more time tonight I will throw it throught the window. So I instead offer up this photo essay entitled "What Could Possibly Be Going Through Jinxsa'a Mind-Other than the Wind?" I Am , as previously stated, an Orange. I have a short attention span by nature. Now that said I need someone to explain the following to me please.

the ENTIRE front of a sweater that is an oversized medium.

The Entire Back of a sweater complete. Viola. Done Just after the completion of the front. And then about 3 inches of the sleeves (I do both at the same time to enable similarity). That it. I have done easily 60-65% of this project without slowing down then as I can see the light at the other end of the tunnel... I have 3" of sleeves.

The lovely Camo Cammie. It took 2 days for the back and all I need to do is finish the casting off for the neck and them the ribbing. That is at least 80% complete isn't it? And yet I it has sat alone and forlorn for 5 damn days.


The Mother of all UFOS! My bvosses Christmas Present ... 2005. It needs 6 freaking rows of ribbing!! That's it. I did so much of it in 1 day I was bragging that I had it done. That was in February!! I am serious, what kinda mental defect makes me drop something with 6 rows and a bit of sewing left. This is at LEAST 95% done.

I need some proffesional help I know it.

Da Vinci Code

May. 26th, 2006 | 03:20 pm
mood: hopeful hopeful

Well everywhere you look the Da Vinci code is there. The book, the movie, newspapsers, documentaries about is it real. Uh, no. Arkham's razor people. Honestly. But all this ahs done much to get me back into the idea of power of prayer, well that and the sock.

Its a knee sock but the problem is..

Pray for me.
(Also how ugly is my foot here?)

Spooky is overseeing and I am sure Laughing is fur off.

Mother's day

May. 21st, 2006 | 05:25 pm
mood: jubilant jubilant

I am backdating this entry because..i can. I made mom a sweater vest for christmas. I worked very hard on it. I ran into difficulties (like the fact the first attempt at a neck left a hole so small an orange would be a squeeze to get through it, and while my mom has lost about 10 sizes her skull is about the same size) Long story short (too late-Clue) she never wears it and my little heart is broken.

Spring magazines show up and all the pretty little things in them make my heat go pitter-squee. ;> And I decided to make something else for mom. There are a few reasons for this. 1) mom has an amazing appreciation of handknits (except the purple vest) She loves them. She wears them. She shows them off. She BRAGS. 2) It's my mom, I have to get her a gift and I'll spend all my money on yarn anyways 3) She's tiny. I didn't have to swatch, she is so tiny a swatch was half the back anyways. She is so tiny my bkff/bbitw, Nonnien, who is making a sweater for a 4 year old, measured out works together. Game guage same amount of stitches. So when the 4 year old out grows it mom can wear it. Nonnien wants to make my mom clothes. ;> My mother is a walking swatch.
I wanted a tank. I hate sleeves they are evil and require more shaping than I or my time limit were comfortable with. I shoveled thru all books and magazines. Every. Single. One. Repeatedly.

it called for Saucy by Reynolds. Never heard of it. Ok scour the internet for something available around here. See nothing I like. Go into dept store see Red Heart Cotton Plus in a sagey green. Squee. Buy needles to cast on while in line.

I kit that thing for days on end. Pretty much commiting to project monogamy. (Had a daliance at the dentist office with a garter stitch pooch scarf, it wasn't my fault it was the adavant, I sware.) I walked knitting it, knit at work, on the bus, before bed, the dr's. Everywhere. And it was done so fast (there was a pause before I did the straps, pretty much i hate picking up stitches so I left that to ummm... the night before I had to block)

Here's the result post blocking:

This was my first cable porject ever. I am aware that the cable goes one way then the next. it was a decision I made early on. I liked it better. at the time anyways. She loves the tank but it's way to open for her to wear on her own. She is getting the matching cardi for her birthday. shhhhhh.

Feel Like A Quickie?

May. 17th, 2006 | 11:20 pm

Yeah it's got hot here, chez Jinxsa. It was like 35 degrees (celcious) this caused my house to become unbearable, like 80 (F, yeah i like to mix the science up, deal). My father hates Air Conditioning. I think he hates the electric bill that comes with A/C actually. Anyways he always holds off until it's half past unbearable. A few years ago I bought him a Galallio Thermometor (glass tube filled with water and coloured balls filled with other stuff-neat to look at and wicked accurate). Anyways, dad said that he'ed turn on the A/C when the last ball dropped, which would make the living room a nasty 84 (F)
It was like New Years at my place last night as we all gathered around the thermometor waiting for the ball to drop.

Scarf fetishism

May. 10th, 2006 | 01:17 pm

This was always meant to be a knitting blog/Journal. I want to log all my knitting here. It's Funny most knitters give thier work away, my digital camera ensures I can keep a small bit of each project for myself. I have let it be said that I didn't start with scarves that is somewhat untrue, I made a Cat's eye "lace" Scarf. This isn't to say I didn't go through a scarf phase. I did right before Christmas when I looked at my people I need to make gifts for vs. my actual time to knit.

They are from Left to Right:
Becky'S Scarf (Bernal Soft Boucle)
Kendra's Scarf (Lion Brand Homespun, Corinthian)
Lost Scarf (TLC Amore, Verigated purples and a steel grey)
BoHo Scarf (Made out of Ods and ends; LB Suade, Bernat's Boa, Satin, And Paton's Carmen)
Boredom scarf (Bernat Boa Cardinal)
BoHo Girly (Made from bernat eyelash, Brilliant, fun fur and a few other odds and ends I totally can not recollect.)

The Three on the left were made in garter stitch with 3 strands held together on 17MM needles.They took about 2-3 hours each depending if the skiens all tangled.

the Boho were Knit sideways and I kept making them to darn short, in future it's not unreasonable to cast on 200 stitches.

The boredom scarf was a super skinny scarf with fringe was started for no reason that I was bored it was almost Christmas and I should be knitting.I still want to make scarves but really it's May and snowstorms are rare (yes, i know we had one last Tuesday don't remind me). The "Adavant" Pooch scarf doesn't count. When one is doped one must have garter stitch.

The last one was a quick basc scarf made for our Homecare Helper Donna, It was a plain garter stitch in Bernat boa using about 3.75 mm needles, much smaller than recommended anyways. It made the fuzz fuzzier and the colours really stand out.

Back to the blog

May. 10th, 2006 | 09:51 am

I generally don't blog here. It honestly makes me feel to dumb to own a computer. I can't figure out how to do seamless links and foggetabout photos. But I am trying again. Especially as I found out My 360 needs a password...Well if nothing else it'll force me to keep all my blogging in 1 place not 6.

I joined up the Amazing Lace (http://amazinglace.licketyknit.com/) I will be doing a lapgan for a lady who has been my mom's best friend as far as I can remember. We moved across country and fell out of touch somewhat hampered by lack of computer skills and letter witing was always dificult for this lady. We now find out she has been battleling ovarian cancer and are doing what we can to send comfort -ok we sent flowers but we are planning or sending knitting. The lapgan will be some funky border and the body will be taken from knitty's cozy (http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall04/PATTcozy.html the boreder will be from "knitting on the edge" by Nicki Epsein.

I have realized that I am in love with lace. Any project with yarn overs will hold my attention. Now if you will excuse me i must figure out this photo thing as I expect to have guests anytime now.