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Mother's day

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May. 21st, 2006 | 05:25 pm
mood: jubilant jubilant

I am backdating this entry because..i can. I made mom a sweater vest for christmas. I worked very hard on it. I ran into difficulties (like the fact the first attempt at a neck left a hole so small an orange would be a squeeze to get through it, and while my mom has lost about 10 sizes her skull is about the same size) Long story short (too late-Clue) she never wears it and my little heart is broken.

Spring magazines show up and all the pretty little things in them make my heat go pitter-squee. ;> And I decided to make something else for mom. There are a few reasons for this. 1) mom has an amazing appreciation of handknits (except the purple vest) She loves them. She wears them. She shows them off. She BRAGS. 2) It's my mom, I have to get her a gift and I'll spend all my money on yarn anyways 3) She's tiny. I didn't have to swatch, she is so tiny a swatch was half the back anyways. She is so tiny my bkff/bbitw, Nonnien, who is making a sweater for a 4 year old, measured out works together. Game guage same amount of stitches. So when the 4 year old out grows it mom can wear it. Nonnien wants to make my mom clothes. ;> My mother is a walking swatch.
I wanted a tank. I hate sleeves they are evil and require more shaping than I or my time limit were comfortable with. I shoveled thru all books and magazines. Every. Single. One. Repeatedly.

it called for Saucy by Reynolds. Never heard of it. Ok scour the internet for something available around here. See nothing I like. Go into dept store see Red Heart Cotton Plus in a sagey green. Squee. Buy needles to cast on while in line.

I kit that thing for days on end. Pretty much commiting to project monogamy. (Had a daliance at the dentist office with a garter stitch pooch scarf, it wasn't my fault it was the adavant, I sware.) I walked knitting it, knit at work, on the bus, before bed, the dr's. Everywhere. And it was done so fast (there was a pause before I did the straps, pretty much i hate picking up stitches so I left that to ummm... the night before I had to block)

Here's the result post blocking:

This was my first cable porject ever. I am aware that the cable goes one way then the next. it was a decision I made early on. I liked it better. at the time anyways. She loves the tank but it's way to open for her to wear on her own. She is getting the matching cardi for her birthday. shhhhhh.

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