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May. 30th, 2006 | 11:47 am

Finished Objects to Share!! I need more time off more often. I finished 2 whole objects (it's soon to be come 1 object and a pair of socks. Very Exciting.

First the camoflauge cami. Camo prints are everywhere this season aren't they? I knew I wanted a tank top in the print so it was a simple process to find a yarn, hello Bernat Comflauge print, in Outback. Finding a tank pattern well that wasn't so simple. Everything was way to dressy with this v-neck thick stap thing. Not exactly what would work with this yarn. Lace, with my weakness for yarn overs I almost caved but again meh, not so much with the yarn. I knit this from a Pattern in Knit.1 Summer'06. I totally "Heart" Knit.1. The tank is made from the art deco pattern with the big bow. Learned a lot about weaving in ends on this project. I wouldn't be embarassed to have anyone turn this inside out.

There was some odd things I noticed with this. The pattern calls for a guage of 17sts per 4 inches on 5mm needles with Lion Cashmere. What I got for guage was 14 sts on 5.5mm needles. I cast on for the small, or 32" bust. I have a 39" bust in my favorite bra. I was hoping it would come out small as I was going to add ribbing in brown inbetween the side seams but hey it fit. Also please note you really do need someone else to take your measurements I ended up measureing myself anywhere from a 39" to a 45" due to tape slipage in the back.

The second is the Da Vinci sock. It was from a pattern I will not list because I screwed the pattern up so bad in my head that it actually has nothing to do with the pattern at all anymore. It's an altered Rib pattern and Knee sock Length. (the caps lock and I are fighting again, grr.) It totally stubifies my toes. I tried graphing the toes with some help from a book. not so much. Next time I hope the internet will be avilable, kniting help may make my toes look less stubby

Oh the second sock? That was the first sock I ever did before Christmas last year. It's kinda wratched. I don't think I could make as many mistakes to make the second sock come close to matching, which is a good thing right?
Things I learned From My first sock.
1) They measure the sock width slightly stretched so if I want it to stay up, I'm a small.
2) I can't obsess about where each colour begins on the sock unless I want a very lumpy sock.
3) I totally am addicted to anything with yarnovers but they make the sock even more lose.
If you want the socks to match cast them on at the same time. Also this helps avoid second sock syndrome. Plus if you buy balls of wool that can make 2 socks you just have to buy more wool. I'm here to help you enhance the stash people.

Oh and for those of you wondering if I made it with the yarn left over...
call me "squeeker"

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