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Jun. 24th, 2006 | 10:04 am

I am too scattered with everything going on to really do much than a smattering of random thoughts.

* reason 5 i hate crochet, it's really easy to lose the hook
* people who realize they have rung your bell and they have the wrong house are funny, unless your in your shlubbys then they pretty much just get what they deserve
* no one has taken my picture since I got my photo ID. No idea before that.
* I am addicted to the word squee, and ya'll and shlubby seems to be working it's way in now.
* my 7 dwarf name is Busty
* if at 11 am on a Sunday you meet someone on your way into a video store and flirt with them a little, disappearing into the adult section is pretty much a bad idea if you want thier phone number
* i need someone to justify $16 rosewood knitting needles, quickly
* up until i learned how to knit I thought there was no such thing as a swoon, it was a word made up by some guys with inflated egos that wore cologne made of phermedahide that made women pass out, they made3 the word swoon up to make them feel sexier. no i have to admit 50% off anything, including ucky acrylic nasty colours nubbly yarn, will make me a little weak in the knees
* i lie to my isp tech guys. I do download porn however it's pretty much the knitting variety.

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From: anonymous
Date: Jun. 24th, 2006 04:47 pm (UTC)


2)If that is what they deserve, I am going to start doing it as a hobby

3)I will get a pic of you

3)don't forget perky-fish

5)is there something wrong with that?

6)even if you invite them into the section with you?

7)your fingers will smell nice after the bleeding stops from using them so much

8)that is the formaldehyde in the string

9)and if that gets you off you need professional help...even more than you do now.


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